• Postontarget
  • GET State

Status of the request

This method allows you to return all your orders and searches.


Production environment:

  • https://postontaget.com/state
  • https://postontaget.com/state/"id"

Testing environment

  • https://test.postontarget.com/state
  • https://test.postontarget.com/state/"id"


Request Example


Response Format

If successful, the response header HTTP status code will be 200 OK and the request will be answered.

If you try to get a request without authorization, you will receive an error 401 Unauthorized.

Additionally you should also handle the 400 Bad request status. For more info on HTTP status handling see dedicated section in Integration best practices page.

Request Response

Parameter Type Description
data DataResponseDetails Present only if the API call goes to good end, it will contain the answer data.
success boolean True or false.
message string It contains a message that can be shown by the user.
error int Present only if the API call fails, it contains an error code.

Data Response Details

Parameter Type Description
_id string Identification of the request.
total_records int Total number of records contained in the system.
records_found int Number of registries filtered according to your search parameters.
query object Summary of your research object.
state string Status of the request:
"ricerca_evasa": evaded search.
"accettato": request approved.
"in lavorazione": in processing.
"evaso": evaded request.
"cancellato": request canceled.
owner string Request owner.
base_price double Basic price of the single registry.
credit double Remaining credits of the user.
date string Date of purchase.
download string Url to download the zip file with the personal data requested in CSV and xls format. The url allows you to download the file only when "state" is "evaso" and has a duration of 5 days, after which the file is deleted.
order_id string Identification of the purchase order.
price double Total price for all the registries purchased.
records_purchased int Number of registries purchased.

Additional examples

Request of a specific search/order: