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New contact

This method allows you to create a new contact that you can associate with one of your address books.


Production environment:

  • https://software.messaggisms.com/api/contact

Testing environment

  • https://software.test.messaggisms.com/api/contact


Property name Type Required Description
addressbooks string or array no Contains the name of the phone book (or the list of rubrics) where to insert the contact. If the parameter is not passed the contact will be entered into default address book.
contact_data ContactDataDetails yes Object or array containing the contact data (or contacts) to add.
disable_update boolean no If passed to TRUE, in case of contact already exists is jumped; if passed to FALSE (default) the existing contacts are updated.
create_addressbook_if_not_exist boolean no If passed to TRUE, in the case in which no address book is found in the field addressbooks, instead of return 404, the address book is created. If passed to FALSE (default), in case it does not come found a rubric passed in the field addressbooks has returned an error 404.

Contact Data Details

Property name Type Required Description
email string no The contact's email address.
name string no The name of the contact.
last_name string no The last name of the contact.
phone string yes The contact's telephone number.
birthday_date date (Y-m-d) no The date of birth of the contact.
sex enum (M|F) no The sex of the contact.
company_name string no The company name of the contact.
address string no The full address of the contact.
zip_code string no The ZIP code of the contact.
city string no The city of contact.
region string no The contact region.
custom_field1 string no The custom field 1 of the contact.
custom_field2 string no The custom field 2 of the contact.
custom_field3 string no The custom field 3 of the contact.
custom_field4 string no The custom field 4 of the contact.

Request examples


Response Format

If successful, the response header HTTP status code will be 200 OK and the request will be answered.

If you try to get a request without authorization, you will receive an error 401 Unauthorized.

Additionally you should also handle the 400 Bad request status. For more info on HTTP status handling see dedicated section in Integration best practices page.

Request Response

Parameter Type Description
success boolean True or false.
code int If the API call is successful, it will be 200, otherwise 4xx.
data DataResponseDetails Present only if the API call goes to good end, it will contain the answer data.
error_code string Present only if the API call fails, it contains an error code in string format.
message string Present only if the API call does not go to its end, it contains a message that can be shown by the user.

Data Response Details

Parameter Type Description
created_contact int The number of contacts created.
updated_contact int The number of updated contacts.
skipped_contact int The number of contacts skipped. Present only if disable_update = true.